Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Zoya - Dillon

Wow, it's been a lax summer!
No polish posts because my nails have been totally bare. I've been struggling with a pretty fierce asthma flare up for the past few months. No idea why. It started shortly after Murphy kitty got sick and hasn't let up since. So breaking out the nail polish and polish remover isn't really high on my list of desired activities. Kinda saving it for "good days". I did this mani a few days ago but I'm posting it now. I did my nails again today but I'll post that one tomorrow. :p

I wanted something minty fresh so dug through my untried and came up with this!

Zoya's "Dillon" is from the Spring 2014 Awake Collection and is a gorgeous metallic minty green. For some reason I thought it was more blue-leaning but it's not, it's very much a spearmint gum shade. It's scattered with faint silver and gold flecks with on first glance seem mostly silver but when you're removing the polish you can see the gold (like everywhere!) but it's only half-annoying to remove (not a full glitter polish but close! so take your time!). Zoya polishes are 5-free, as post brands are heading in that direction. For this mani I used 3 coats of polish and one layer of Seche Vite. The formula was good but it still needed 3 coats to avoid a visible nail line.

I kinda wish this polish had a minty scent, but alas, it does not!

Under LED desk lamp.

Macro under LED desk lamp.

Indoor, bright evening light (no direct sun), near windows.

Outside, bright evening light (no direct sunlight).

It started clouding over so this was the best I could do. Boo. :(

Overall I do like this polish. It's pretty and delicate and for a metallic it's nice and not overly blingy. And surprisingly for a metallic green, it doesn't scream "Christmas" or anything. It's not cheesy frosty or anything. It's just a nice pastel metallic green. Perfect for those of us who are not fans of neons which are everywhere right now!

Where to buy? Zoya and distributors are still stocking this shade so it's not hard to find.

NB: I won this polish as part of the giveaway through Nail Polish Canada but was not given it in exchange for a review. I have NO affiliation with the polish maker or websites discussed in this post.

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