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Product Review: Amopé Pedi Perfect Electronic Foot File

This product was sent to me free in exchange for an honest review courtesy of Chick Advisor.

So this is a step away from my usual manicure posts. A few weeks ago I received this interesting item in the mail from the lovely team at Chick Advisor to give an honest review. I have never used an electronic foot file before so I was somewhat intrigued -- though a little fearful. Would it hurt?? Would it burn? Tickle? Smoke? LOL! I've included pictures of my feet before and after so if you're weird about feet pictures (some people are), you might want to skip this post!

And apologies for the delay, I received this product for review a few weeks ago but I've been sicker than sick with severe asthma and have been non-stop coughing for weeks now. I'm pretty much stuck in the house sucking on 2 kinds of inhalers and keeping my fingers crossed that I can avoid trips to the hospital. NO idea why this is happening, first time it's been this bad in 15 years -- maybe from all the stress with my cat being sick?? I have no idea. Anyway... onto the product review!

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So the first thing I have to talk about is the packaging. I honestly couldn't stop making fun of it! Maybe I had the giggles that day, I dunno but here it is. Tell me what you think!

The package is clear plastic so you can see the product easily (which is nice) but why does the picture of the woman's feet have diamond-like sparkles on the heels??? Is that the new level of perfection that we, as women, are to attain? Sparkly diamond feet? LOL! And in the upper right corner, the sticker that says "New"... as opposed to what? "Used"? Yay! A non-used foot care product! ALL I'm thinking now is "foot fungus". Not exactly inspiring me to want to buy this product. Just saying. From a marketing perspective, these are things to avoid. So yeah. 

The next photo is enough to install giggles in just about anyone. I'm sorry. It just is. So yeah, go ahead. Laugh. It IS funny! And no, it does NOT make me want to put this anywhere near my feet! (*cough*vibratingdildo*cough*). Someone had to say it! Fairly ambitious, wouldn't you say? LMAO!

Ok. Now that we got that out of the way, let's look at the product itself, out of the crazy packaging!
For the next pictures I actually went outside because I knew there would be ... uh... dead skin fallout (ew, I know). Because I was expecting this in the mail and wanted to get the most realistic and dramatic before/after I basically did none of my usual foot care routine for about a week and a half -- normally I file my feet at the end of every shower and apply a pedi cream that I love. But I thought it would be more dramatic if I let them get super dry and rough so no file and no cream at all for nearly 2 weeks. Eek!

Oh, and the day I chose to do this it was POURING rain outside and I was on my balcony so if you see raindrops on my feet or on the product, no worries!!

So out of the package, this is what it looks like, there is a cover that slides easily over the end (but is secure so it doesn't fall off). The silver ring around the neck part turns the foot file on/off (you twist it). The blue handle is where the batteries live (it takes 4 AA batteries, which is DOES come with, which is nice!).

The end of the handle opens up so you can change out the batteries.

This is the part that spins and grinds away at the dry skin on your feet. The instructions on the package CLEARLY state to use this ONLY on your feet bottoms and to ONLY hold it over each area for 3-4 seconds at a time. Never use it on an open area of skin (so not over a cut or blisters) and stopstopstop if it hurts! If you press too hard the spinning will stop automatically for safety reasons. This never happened while I was using it. I read some reviews online where people complained about this. I honestly cannot imagine what they were trying to do to their feet if they were pressing that hard! No need! Be gentle, it's your skin! 

The material of the file part is kinda like a mix between volcanic rock (like a pumice stone) and feels like coarse sandpaper mixed with pumice? It's not picky or scratchy though. There is a release button on the side so when these wear out you can purchase refills (a 2-pack of refills is about $13 on Amazon). 

So here is a pic of my gross heel before using the foot file. Like I said, I did not do ANY foot care at all for almost 2 weeks before this so yeah, I let them get dry/icky on purpose! I do have heel cracks. I hate them! But not super bad or anything. The dots are just from the rain on the balcony! :p

The instructions say to use the foot file on DRY feet (not right after a shower or after lotion or anything). DRY!

The ball of the same foot. Again, just dry and the dots are from the rain (and dust, my balcony is so dusty from the stupid construction that's been going on in front of my building FOREVER! Ugh!).

I went over my feet for a few minutes, taking my time and not lingering in any one spot too long, as per instructions. It didn't hurt, didn't tickle, didn't feel like much of anything. I didn't press too hard. It didn't stop. There was a TON of dry skin fallout though so I would HIGHLY recommend doing this outside or over your bathtub or whatever. I read a review of someone doing this while sitting at their computer and all I could think about was the big pile of dead skin all around their desk. Ew!!!

Here is what the foot file itself looked like afterwards, see how much was on the foot file! The dust gets everywhere! Do it outside! Afterwards, I just popped out the black part and washed it with soap and water then wiped down the handle part with a damp paper towel and spritzed it with alcohol and let it dry (former RN, germaphobe). You cannot get the handle part wet because it's not waterproof and you will damage the electronics but you can remove the black part and wash it no problem.

The afters. It's hard to tell because my feet were kinda "dusty" after from the dead skin fall out but they WERE smoother! The product instructions DO recommend applying their brand of pedi cream (which I was not provided with so I didn't use any in this product review, to be fair).

The ball of my foot.

My heel. It obviously isn't going to cure my heel cracks but it did remove a LOT of the dead skin. Like I said, they recommend applying their brand of pedi cream after but since it wasn't included in the review package, to be fair, I did not apply any cream.

One thing I remember reading in the reviews of this product before I got to try it was that people had INSANE expectations for this product. I'm not sure why or where they were getting it from (infomercials?). But if you have scary ogre feet it's not going to give you pretty princess feet in one minute of use. NOTHING will! You have to take care of your feet every single day for years just like you have to take care of your teeth and skin and hair and everything else. I have no idea why people think it's ok to neglect their feet forever! 
Yes, I have heel cracks, this is a recent thing for me and I've tried SO many things and they won't go away. Maintaining with filing and cream keep them at bay but like I said, I stopped for a few weeks to trial this product. And I DO like this product a lot! I think an electronic foot file is a great idea but as part of your overall foot care protocol and not in place of it!!! It's like people who think they can skip flossing and use mouthwash once in a while and think that's enough to avoid cavities. It's not.

Would I recommend this product? I would! But like I said, keep your expectations in check! You need a foot care plan where you take care of your feet every single day, not once a month! You can just take out a power drill and grind off a year's worth of crust in 5 minutes, it doesn't work like that! Your skin is a living breathing organ and needs care and attention, whether it's on your feet, your hands or your face! 

I would say if you have diabetes to discuss this with your doctor beforehand because diabetics have especially delicate skin on their feet are are more likely to end up with damaged skin and wounds that fail to heal because of decreased circulation (very, very dangerous!). 

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