Monday, June 08, 2015

OwlCrate Bookish Subscription Box -- Review of May's "Parallel Worlds" Box

Joe kitty with May's OwlCrate box!
I decided to make Joe the official OwlCrate mascot, at least here in my home. So whenever I get an OwlCrate box, I will take a pic with Joe. LOL. He doesn't seem to mind!

I actually got this box a few weeks ago but with all the sick kitty drama with Murphy, I honestly haven't had time to look at the box, let alone do a review of what's inside. I actually opened it, took the pics, and then Murphy got sick a few hours later and I rushed him to the vet. I haven't looked at the contents or the photos since. So I'm kind of "re-opening" it as I write this review.

Let's look inside!! Remember, the theme is, "Parallel Worlds"...

Front of the info card:

Back of the info card:

First up, a super cute notebook from Obvious State -- a delightfully bookish & amazing shop on Etsy (for reals, go check them out, they have some amazing stuff!!). And I can never have enough notebooks, I have ideas yo! ;) I also LOVE that it ties in with this month's theme!

Next item up is Alice In Wonderland temporary tattoos specially designed for OwlCrate from SmashTat (sister shop of GeekTat) -- both incredible Etsy shops! Something about OwlCrate supporting these small indie businesses gives me the warm fuzzies. :) Anyway, I'm not normally a temporary-tattoo kind of person (though I have 3 real tattoos), but these are seriously awesome! Such intricate details AND they are bookishly fun! Go check out GeekTat's Etsy shop -- have some fun AND you won't give your grandma a stroke. ;)

This next item I was kind of concerned about. It made my box smell super stinky when I opened it & I'm hyper-sensitive to smells so I feared all my items would be infused with this smell and I wouldn't be able to play with this. What is it?! Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty! Uh, ok... but what is it?! It's kinda like silly putty except that this one (there are over 40 versions the company makes). This particular one -- called "Twilight" -- is heat sensitive so it changes colours in your hands (purple to blue). You can squish it, mold it, bounce it, etc.

When I opened it, the putty was pretty thick and stiff (almost plastic-y) -- but it DOES soften up nicely when it warms up. AND the stinky smell did dissipate quickly and did NOT get on anything else in the box (yay!). 

The back of the box showing some of the other colours/products in the line of Crazy Aaron's thinking putty.

Now for the main event! The book!! It's "Magonia" by Maria Dahvana Headley (info on Goodreads). SO excited to read this!! And the cover of the book is absolutely stunning. <3

Signed sticker bookplate (is this the new trend in publishing? I'm seeing these a lot lately).

Bookmark front:

Bookmark back:

And that's it! Overall, I am SUPER happy with my box this month. I'm just upset I haven't had a chance to really enjoy it much since the day after it arrived my cat got sick and ... well... everything in my life was put on hold when that happened. :/

Unfortunately, I had to put my subscription for June on hold -- with TOTALLY sucks because the theme is "Diversity" and I was SO excited to get that box! -- because I'm faced with a vet bill of several thousand dollars (for reals, it's around $3,500-4,000 at this point, and counting since my kitty is STILL at the vet) and I'm trying to scrape together any resources I can which meant putting my OwlCrate on hold (and selling stuff off). As sad as it was to do that, I love my cat and ... well... he's my family and family comes first, right? That being said, I lovelovelove OwlCrate and the minute I get my financial situation sorted out I will absolutely continue getting OwlCrate boxes in the future. I absolutely think they are worth every penny. :)

NB: I purchased this box myself. I have NO affiliation whatsoever with the subscription box or product makers or authors featured in this post.

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