Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Picture Polish - Watermelon

So I'm finally starting to relax after the whole sick kitty situation. Murphy came home from the vet a few weeks ago after having spent 12 days in hospital. I have been watching him like a hawk and super paranoid he was going to reblock (didn't help that as we were literally walking out the door with him the vet said she wasn't confident and felt he would reblock again very soon -- WTF?! why did she say that?! Why was she letting me bring him home!? Argh!!!). Fortunately, it's been a few weeks and he hasn't reblocked and he's doing ok. We tried to give him the prescription food but he wants nothing to do with it. He did like *one* of the brands but then promptly started itching all over like he had fleas or something so I threw it away (plus the ingredients are CRAP -- full of by-products and fillers, ew). I went back to his old canned food (Wellness), adding water to it and NO dry food. He's pretty happy with that, though we're still working out a feeding schedule that makes him happy. 

We also tried one of those Feliway plug-in thingies to keep the kitty fights down. I had it plugged in for 3 weeks. This is where it gets weird. Around the same time we got it I developed a cough. I assumed the kitty stress and my not eating much resulted in me picking up a cold or something since it seemed like everyone was sick. I normally have a VERY strong immune system (after working as a nurse in critical care, I never get sick!) so I thought it was weird but whatever. I had no other symptoms, just this stupid tickle cough -- but sometimes it would be really, really bad and hard to breathe. It wasn't getting better over the 3 weeks and I was confused about why I couldn't seem to shake it. Then I realized, it is the stupid Feliway plug-in! I'm one of those people who are sensitive to EVERYTHING. So yeah, even though it's supposed to be 100% safe for people, we unplugged it and my cough is going away. :/ It's still there a bit though, I think I have to wash down the area around where it was plugged in with soapy water since it leaves this oily residue. 

Anyway, kitty is home and doing better and I'm slowly getting back to normal! I did my nails today for the first time in forever and was inspired by a recent indulgence in one of my fav summer foods -- watermelon!! <3

Saturday, June 06, 2015

The Sisterhood Of The Travelling Polish!

Oooh! This is a good one, I promise! ;)

But I'm going to hide it because it hasn't gotten around to all the ladies in our group yet!

Quick Update -- Murphy

So everything in my life was kind of put on hold 11 days ago when my cat Murphy developed a urinary crystal blockage and I had to rush him to my vet. She managed to unblock him and I brought him home with prescription food and was told to push fluids (the usual stuff). Nope, he blocked again a few hours later. Back to the vet. I left him there last Thursday and... well... he's still there. They unblocked him and put in IV. Gave him time to pee. Nope. Sewed in a urinary catheter, left it in a few days, took it out, he blocked in less than 24 hours. She unblocked him and the next morning gave him anesthetic and sewed in catheter again. Yesterday night she took out the catheter. So far he's peeing ok but it's only been about 14 hours so we'll see. He stays there a few more days to make sure. If he blocks again then he gets the PU surgery (basically where they open up the urethra and make his boy parts look more like girl parts). So lots of wait and see. I've been in absolute agony this last week and a half. I've barely been able to eat. If it wasn't for my meds I wouldn't be able to sleep (& would likely have a migraine every single day). We've sold off a lot of stuff and I've applied for funding (& received it from the Farley Foundation). It's been an INSANE time. I've had to remember to do normal things like pay the other bills like electricity and phone and to eat and shower. Life is hard when stuff like this happens. I know to some people it's "just a cat" but not to me. I don't have kids, my cats ARE my kids! I'm very close to them. We have a strong bond. So does my boyfriend. They sleep with us at night. And with Murphy, he was a rescue cat with an abusive past and it has taken me the last 2 years to turn him from a scratching shivering mean cat into a sweet little love bug (seriously, he's the vet clinic sweetheart right now, when he leaves he will break a lot of hearts!). I can't wait to get him home but I don't want to rush things. I am also trying hard not to do the whole "counting chickens" things. I did that last week and it crushed me. He looked SO GOOD on Monday and I assumed he'd come home maybe Tuesday or Wednesday and I was all excited. Nope. Monday night I got a call he was totally blocked again and the nightmare was starting over from the beginning. My heart was broken. So I'm trying hard to just go day-by-day/moment-by-moment. Not looking ahead.

That being said, I DO have some blog posts to catch up on! My Sisterhood of the Traveling Polish (an absolute beauty!!!) and the May OwlCrate (awesome!!). In the meantime, here is my Murphy in his healthier days. He was helping me study (during finals in grad school) and I put a mousie on his head. He sat there all cute and let me take his picture. <3