Sunday, June 01, 2014

June is Julep Month!!

I was considering doing this for a long time but wasn't sure I could handle doing a full month with just *one* brand. But I decided it's time and I'm devoting the month of June entirely to Julep -- everything from nail products to colour. I have sooo many untried Julep polishes, I thought this would give me the perfect opportunity to use them.

Here is the colour chart I made up and will go by (yes, DAILY manis!):

There will be some guidelines and rules, however… more after the jump!
I decided not to just use Julep polish colours but ALL Julep nail products also. I use quite a few to start with but not all my mani items are by Julep.

Starting with polish remover. This is a tricky one. Julep makes an acetone-free polish remover. I have it but only have this much left:

I tried to order more from their site but the refills for this pump bottle are "out of stock" (*boo*). So, I will use this until it is done and then switch over the my regular polish remover when this is empty.

I DO have some of their polish remover pads, however, they contain lanolin and I have a wicked allergy to lanolin so I can't use them. *boo*

Next up is mani tools. I usually use the cuticle pusher by Julep but the rest of my implements come from various other places. I DO have the Julep tools kit, so I will be solely using this for the next month.

And finally, all the liquid bits that go into a manicure. I normally use a mix of Julep and other brands, but for the month of June, it will be only these guys:

(L-R: cuticle oil, cuticle softener/remover, nail therapy/base coat, Freedom top coat, Mighty cuticle serum, and quick dry drops)

NB: I also have Oxygen nail therapy (not shown) which I will use as needed. I have also ordered the new Oxygen base coat & top coat and will start using those when they arrive.

Ground Rules for my Julep June:
  • ONLY Julep products
  • ONLY untried colours (i.e. not previously used in any manicure)
  • 30 different colours (i.e. no 2 red days unless they have totally different finishes)
  • Nail art, glitter toppers, etc are permitted but must use Julep products 
  • Julep tools only
Exceptions to the above ground rules:
  • pure acetone for nail clean up (sorry but it's the only thing that works really well)
  • cleanup brush is non-Julep (Julep doesn't make one)
  • stamping plates/stamping supplies (Julep doesn't make these… but have to use Julep polish)
  • polish thinner, if needed (Julep doesn't make one, I will use Seche Restore)
  • cotton pads/q-tips
  • matte topcoat (I probably won't need but I don't own the Julep one and it's out of stock on their site)

I am posting all my mani pics on my Instagram (IG: miss_tina) and using the hashtags: #juneisjulepmonth and #monthofjulep. I will also post them on the Julep Facebook page & in other polish groups. Post yours!! :)

Anyone else up for the challenge?? I wonder if I'll miss all my other polishes? :O

NB: ALL the products shown/used for the next month have been purchased by me. The idea for a Julep month is my own and I am NOT affiliated with Julep whatsoever.

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